Our two heroes Sevgi and Deniz were born in Turkey but their paths crossed on the other side of the world in San Francisco. Several years after the beginning of their path, they decided to glorify their love with a wedding. When the stars aligned, the day has come. I was excited to be working with Thailand wedding bliss and becoming a part of their story on that special day. This love was not only to be glorified with one wedding, but with two weddings in one day! Since Sevgi is part Thai, it meant a lot to her and her family to have a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place in Chiang Mai, specifically in Dhara dhevi resort, which has everything for a perfect wedding. Thai ceremony was so interesting. The special dresses, the music, the dance and the games really set the mood for more than 200 guests.

      A really beautiful part of this ceremony that I really liked is called Sai Monkhon, a specially prepared white thread that forms two circles while being linked but also remaining independent. That indicates that the couple’s destinies are linked but individual identity is retained. The guests then give their blessings to the couple by pouring water on their hands. This concluded the ceremony and the newlyweds drove away on a carriage. It was time for the second part.

      The ‘western ceremony’, as they call it, was set for the afternoon. The bride and groom changed their attires and the bride looked absolutely stunning in Alessandro Angelozzi wedding gown. At this point in the story I have to say that I couldn’t be more excited about this day, the location and decoration theme was such a perfect match for my photography style. And the wedding ceremony amongst all those flowers simply took my breath away.

      You are probably thinking, what more can happen in this day? As the sun set to wake up people on the other side of the planet, this party had only begun. Dinner under the stars, the white cake with red hearts and a charming first dance all lead to an awesome party with great music, karaoke and to a night of dancing. It was such an amazing day. Not just for them and for their guests, but also for me. Having the opportunity to see two people love each other so much to celebrate their love with two wedding ceremonies in one day has really made me believe that love is the best thing we can do.