Once again I had the opportunity of shooting an intimate Italian wedding in one of the most beautiful places, Locanda Rosa Rosae. A lovely couple, Sarah and Ric, contacted me all the way from London because they saw my previous work on this enchanting Italian wedding venue. Knowing how beautiful the place is, I was excited to visit it again and to feel its magic.

      Driving towards Locanda rosa rosae, which is located near city of Treviso and just 45 minute drive from Venice, I remembered how excited I was the first time around and how excited I was this time, for getting a chance to come here after two years and photograph this wedding.

      When Sarah, Ric and I agreed on spending their special day together, it was soon clear to me, that they know what they want and that photographs mean a lot to them. Every detail was planned to perfection. The wedding dress was thoughtfully chosen, the make up was perfectly done and Sarah’s long wedding veil was made by a designer from London, Ann Marie Faulkner.

      After their first look at each other in their wedding dresses, we did a small indoor photo-shoot and caught some wonderful lighting. Soon the wedding took its place and after the ceremony and congratulations, we found some more time for group photos and also to get away for a bit to make some memories just of them. The location provided us with trees, wooden gates, a stream and a wonderful old mill.

      Soon the sun started to set and they brought out the candles.  Sarah also makes here own candles called Evermore, so of course this was a detail that just couldn’t be missed at this wedding. As the night became darker it was soon time for a little party and of course the cake, which was something special, because there was no bride and groom figurine on top but a dog figurine! This is not something you see often but when I found out that this was their dog, well I just thought to myself: this really is a perfected wedding. And I am happy to have been a part of it.

      Wedding Locanda Rosa Rosae Wedding Locanda Rosa Rosae Wedding Locanda Rosa Rosae Wedding Locanda Rosa Rosae Wedding Locanda Rosa Rosae