Ever since I can remember, England has been on my wedding photography wish list so you can imagine how excited I was when I received an email from Laura and Paul to photograph their wedding.  There was no reason to hesitate, I was already booking my flight to get there.


      When I was driving to Cheshire I thought to myself, ‘this is it, I finally got the chance to do this’. The views were amazing, the houses typically English, the weather was always changing and it felt like I was in some English TV series. Laura and Paul are locals and when I arrived at her father’s estate where the wedding took place, I really got that English vibe of things. The house was big and made of bricks, the lawn behind the house was neatly trimmed, the backyard was huge and there was a big tent underneath the trees waiting for the party to begin.


      When the couple started with the preparations and the guests slowly started to arrive, the weather remained very moody or I could just say English like. We had clouds, we had rain and we had wind. But in the afternoon, the sun finally found its way through the clouds and brought extra energy to our set. We went to make some photos on the nearby field and the even though the weather was not perfect, Laura and Paul gave their own light to the photos. The party then continued in the tent which was beautifully decorated.  As the sun went down, the lights and candles were turned on and the whole estate was glowing. The magical day continued late in the night as they danced under the shiny bright lights.

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      Beautiful moments, good work Alen!

      Tnx Boštjan 🙂

      Great photos dude! 😉

      Grazie dude 😉