‘Espresso, please!’

      While I’m waiting for my coffee I would like to tell you how much I love doing what I’m doing. Being a destination wedding photographer is something I did not plan on becoming but am loving every second of it.  Being able to travel all over the world and connecting that with the magic of a wedding day is a dream come true. I am motivated by the stories of couples from all over the world so this here, what I am doing, is something I wouldn’t change for the world.

      My name is Alen and I would love to become a part of your story.

      Kind words

      We worked with Alen for both our pre-wedding and our actual wedding day shoots. Alen brought out a sense of that deep love through his perspectives and his photos. He saw the emotions that needed to be captured at every moment and he did so, so beautifully. We couldn’t be more happy & grateful to have chosen him to be a part of our special days.
      Tarn & Sri

      Kind words

      His pictures are different simply because of their natural and unique style. Every couple who was photographed by him writes their own story. What is so special about his work is the fact that there is no general filter that would be applied to all the pictures he takes. Every single one of them is edited with care and respect to the couple and their day, which means that none of the pictures will ever be the same. Besides, Alen is not someone who would force a statical »posing« of the couple at one spot. He knows what he wants and leaves his imagination free space to spontaneously stop at different locations in order to get a perfect shot for the couple on their wedding day. In my opinion, the second most important thing is the energy between the couple and their photographer. He was more than perfect on our wedding day. Not only did he blend in with the guests and catch all the precious moments that probably lasted not more than three seconds, he pulled us out from the comfort zone with a fantastic sense of humor. That way, he made sure that our pictures are like a piece of art for us to admire for years to come.
      Me and my husband love to joke about getting married again. We discuss what things could or should have been done better, but Alen is for sure a component that we would always wish to remain exactly the same.
      Špela & Armin